How to Process CNC Machined Parts for the Aviation Industry

The processing of parts for the aviation industry requires high precision and a high-quality surface finish. The parts that need to be processed in aircraft manufacturing are mainly the two parts of the aircraft fuselage structure and the key parts of the engine.

The aircraft fuselage structural parts include beams, ribs, frames, wall panels, joints, and slide rails. These are mainly flat, multi-cavity parts with ultra-thin wall bulkhead structural components. More than 90% of aircraft parts in China are made from aluminium parts, with only a small proportion made using steel and titanium alloy steel. As a highly experienced company in the production of these parts, we note that the structure of aviation parts is becoming more and more complicated as dimensions and surface quality requirements of parts are always changing.

The equipment we use to manufacture these parts includes our range of:
– Three-axis CNC milling machines and angry vertical machines
– Five-axis linkage machines equipped with A/B swing angle milling heads or A/C swing angle milling heads
– High-power and high-speed machinery with a spindle speed above 20,000rpm with two co-ordinating swing angle milling heads

As there are many types of aircraft with different shapes and fuselage structure, we need to be careful when using high-speed tools due to the low rigidity of the parts. This is why we use flexible clamps throughout our production cycle, as this improves the safety and quality of the finished product.

Aviation parts surface treatment & tolerance requirements:
– Surface treatment: anodizing, electroplating, PVD coating, gold plating, silver plating, zirconia (ceramic oxidation) and polishing
– Tolerance control capability: 0.01- +/- 0.005mm (this is according to customer requirements)

Weimi is a highly experienced company and we are open to taking on any project and any enquiry. Over the years, we have processed many aerospace accessories for our clients and we pride ourselves in maintaining our top quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.

All of the technicians at Weimi have participated in rigorous training and practices, and are highly skilled at completing each and every job to specification.

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