• Find out more about how our cutting edge technology is helping businesses reduce their downtime, optimize their resources, and reduce cost to prepare products to launch on the market.
  • Medical

    Our professional machining and surface treatment technologies can be used to manufacture medical equipment and machine parts for increased patient comfort and safety.

  • Consumer Electronics

    CNC machining can meet a wide range of requirements, allowing us to create light-weight, customizable parts for smartphones, watches, lighting fixtures, and more.

  • Automotive

    High-performance vehicles require state-of-the-art materials! We specialize in creating steel, aluminium, and cast iron components for optimum safety and durability.

  • Aviation

    Our high-grade titanium, aluminium, and steel alloys can be used in the manufacture of key load-bearing structural parts of aircraft and accompanying aviation equipment.

  • Industrial Equipment

    As we supply a range of businesses worldwide, we understand the requirements of the B2B industry and can create products that are strong, wear-resistant, and long-lasting.

  • Construction

    We can manufacture a range of heavy-duty tools and parts to accommodate any requirement within the construction industry and ensure products are built to last.

Our Services

Range of Materials

Choose from a range of high-quality pure metals, alloys, precious metals, plastics, rubber, synthetic materials, and more. Samples are available on request and we can also source additional materials as required.

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Metal Finishing Services

Alongside manufacturing parts and components in-house, we can also apply a range of coatings to the finished products to protect them against the elements, make them more hard-wearing, or more aesthetically pleasing.

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Precision CNC Machining

Our professional in-house team can work with you to create bespoke CNC machined parts for your business. We’ll lead you through the process from concept to prototype and samples, and finally the end product.

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CNC Milling Services

We have a total of 72 CNC milling machines including state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machines able to co-ordinate up to five simultaneous processes - dividing the workload on larger projects and reducing project times.

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CNC Turning / Lathe Processing

Our 22 CNC turning (lathe) machines are all fully-equipped to work with a range of materials, including stainless steel, titanium, POM, and acrylic, and can produce up to 3-5 times as many products as standard machines.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our main facility has 2 sheet metal processing machines that can be programmed to manufacture sheets ≥ 3.0mm. Sheets can be made from copper, steel, or other metals as required. (Assembly of final products is also included.)

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High-Value CNC Manufacturing

Precision engineering solutions

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