What Are The Different Parts Of A Commercial Car?

Automotive parts are roughly divided into the following categories: engine system, running system, body accessories, steering system, and braking system.

The engine system is composed of an oil seal, oil pump nozzle, oil pipe, oil tank, piston and other system accessories. The oil seal is known as a vulnerable part as its processing materials are generally rubber or stainless steel.

The running system includes the front axle, rear axle, shock absorption system, and more.

Body accessories include car shells, doors, license plate frame, car mufflers, exhaust pipes and so on.

In a recent example, customized many aluminium license plate frames for customers, allowing some of them to have their logo printed on the frame.

The steering system includes sliders, steering shock absorbers, power steering pumps, steering knuckles, and steering wheels. We have done many auto parts for German car firms.

In addition to this, we not only customized many kinds of metal parts on vehicles but also motorcycle parts. The picture below is an accessory made by us for Italian customers for Harley motorcycles. The material is aluminium with anodized and sandblasting finishing.



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