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Processing of aviation parts require high precision and high surface finish.

The parts that need to be processed by machine in aircraft manufacturing are mainly the two parts of the aircraft fuselage structure and the key parts of the engine.
Introduction to the parts of the fuselage structure.

Aircraft fuselage structural parts are beams, ribs, frames, wall panels, joints, slide rails etc. Mainly flat, slender, multi-cavity parts and ultra-thin wall bulkhead structural components. The blanks are plates, forgings and extruded aluminum alloy profiles. The amount of raw material removal is large. The material utilization rate is only about 5% -10%. More than 90% of aircraft parts in China are made from aluminum parts. Just a small part of it is made with stainless steel and titanium alloy steel.

As a high experienced company in production practice ,we can summarize the following:

1 .The structure of aviation parts is becoming more and more complicated. Many parts adopt the overall structure.

2. Dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements of parts are getting constantly higher.

Main equipment required for processing aviation parts:

(1) .Three coordinate machining centers e.g large gantry vertical machining centers.

(2). Five-axis linkage machining centers e.g large gantry vertical machining centers that should be equipped with A / B swing angle milling heads or A / C swing angle milling heads.

(3). The machining of aluminum alloy parts requires a high-power and high-speed machining center with a power of ≥40kW and a spindle speed of more than 20,000r / min and also a two-coordinate swing-angle milling head.

(4). There are many types of aircraft with different shapes and fuselage structures. Due to poor rigidity it requires a large number of fixtures. In order to reduce costs and speed up the production cycle Weimi prepares various of flexible clamps.

Aviation Parts related to crafts&materials

1.CNC machining, 5-axis CNC machining, CNC turning machining, turning, milling, grinding, internal and external circular grinding, wire cutting, middle speed wire  slow wire , electrical discharge, mirror electrical discharge, etc.

2. Materials:

(1). TC4 titanium alloy;

(2). National standard aluminum alloy (6061, 7075, 5083, 6063, 6082, 5052, 2A12, etc.)

(3). Copper alloys: brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, etc .;

(4).Steel: stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 17-4, 440C, 430, etc.);

(5).Common steel materials (Cr12MoV, D2, A2, 4140, 4150, P20, S136, M2, O2, etc.);

(6).Non-metal materials: (food and medical grade POM, aviation materials PEI + 30% GF, PEEK + 30% GF, PC + 30% GF, PU, ​​PTFE, PE, etc.);

Aviation parts surface treatment & tolerance requirements

(1) Surface treatment: anodized, electroplating, PVD coating, gold plating, silver plating, zirconia (ceramic oxidation) and polishing .

(2) Tolerance control capability: 0.01- +/- 0.005mm (this is according to customer requirements)

Weimi is a well experienced company that is open to any inquiry. We process many aerospace accessories to our satisfied customers that have a very high requirements about a tolerances and product surfaces.

All of technicians in Weimi company have been participating in rigorous trainings and practices, therefore they can successfully complete customer’s orders with the highest satisfaction.

A few important points to pay attention during the process:

(1) .When unloading the knife do not hold or pinch the blade of the knife as it might cause scratching the knife.

(2). When disassembling the tool you must first observe whether the spindle has stopped rotating.

(3). During CNC machining the operator is not allowed to observe the cutting position up close to prevent chips from breaking into the eyes.

(4). After the wrench is used it should be placed in the tool storage area. It is not allowed to be placed on the shield or beam.

We want to make sure that the product is 100% accurate hence why each order has a shipping confirmation. Qualified personnel is making sure that each product is produced according to the drawings and customer requirements.

Our employers then will sign the shipping confirmation form and send to the sales department for the final shipping process. Thanks to this method the customer complaint level reached 0 percent.

We are strongly driven by customers needs.

Weimi brings together a group of energetic and innovative talents. We constantly aim to shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise and provide the high-quality products and solutions for international customers and related industries.