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There are many products involved in the electronics industry, processing of parts is complicated and requires high quality and high precision, CNC machining is the only way to meet product requirements, it is very important in the electronics industry.

These products are used on a daily basis in everyone’s life, e.g smart phones, electronic watches, computers and video recorders, etc. Most of these products are made by precision machining. For example: the equipment coverage we always carefully protect which is coming from precision machining, which has the advantages of light weight, good heat dissipation and high strength. Waterproof and dust proof seamlessly combined with mobile phones to a certain extent.

Of course, this processing technology is used in mobile phone covers, including many metal structural parts inside the mobile phone. The parts need to be produced with high precision to ensure the compatibility of the machine and the parts as well as the performance during the operation of the equipment, the parts need to have a fairly high accuracy.

The processing way of covers for electronic products

High quality and precision can be easily achieved by using 4.5 axis machines such as magnetic fixtures, vacuum, multi station, zero-point positioning systems etc.

Please see our solutions below :

1. Processing of mobile phone cover parts: using cylinder fixtures (including zero-turn cylinders),

2. Computer case processing: four and 0.5 axis schemes, electromagnet fixtures, one out of two schemes,

3. UAV cover processing: adopt cylinder fixtures to process multi-angle holes,

4. The processing of the back cover of the tablet or computer: a vacuum suction fixture is used to form the hole processing on the inclined surface,

5. Automatic feeding and blanking processing: using 0.5 axis with pneumatic clamp, a wide range of products can be processed,

6. Two-product five-sided machining solution: 0.5-axis with dual-station fixtures for two-product five-sided, circular-arc machining.

7. Quick positioning processing: 0.5 axis with zero positioning system can ensure fast clamping and five-sided processing.

Please see attached computer case that comes from Weimi’s Indian customer. He was very satisfied with the quality, appearance and final effect. We maintain a very close business relationship. Please see the feedback below:

What other products are involved in precision machining?

1. Military supplies: radars, wireless transceivers, military satellites, military communication equipments, etc.

2. Civilian products: TV receivers, radios, video recorders, recorders, laser players, alarm clocks, etc.

3. Professional: Radios, TV transmitters, professional video recorders, broadcast controllers, various electronic instruments, etc.

4. Toys: various electronic toys

5. Sensors: Gyroscopes, ultrasonics, impact sensors, rotation sensors, magnetic identification equipment,  pyroelectric infrared sensors, temperature sensors and others…

6. Equipment for communication: filters, sound table filters, RF filters, IF filters, frequency discriminators etc.

All of the above electronic product parts need cnc machining. Weimi is well experienced within this industry. The engineering&programming department can quickly arrange preparations for machining therefore production can be set up.  During processing, Quality control department can spot check the parts. Product is getting approved by technicians then. They not only ensure that the product is processed correctly but also that the product is free from any tool damages.

Weimi is producing only high-precision parts for customers. We strive for excellence every single day. We want our parts to be better and easier assembled on the product so the product can run smoothly.

30% of Weimi's customers are coming from the electronics industry. We always respect our clients and aim to provide fantastic customer service, quick response, fast production, full inspection, very quick delivery and first-class after sales service. That’s the way we get many long term prime clients. We work with many listed companies in multiple countries!

We hope Weimi can help you and become your reliable and long-term partner.