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Weimi has introduced advanced computer automation such as CNC, CNC milling machines, precision digital display milling machines and many more. These machines are efficient and have a high precision in today’s hardware industry. It processes all kind of copper, aluminium, iron and stainless steel parts, therefore we can meet all custom requirements. Not only our company’s aluminium milling mechanical parts,especially the precise machine parts and other complicated finished products, are highly used in various industries , but also we are greatly experienced and advanced within technology production.

Weimi has 15 years of experience within this industry and it is equipped with 72 CNC milling machines, processing and high-precision testing equipment such as three-axis, four-axis and five-axis which can process various complex parts of 850*500mm. 98% of our production is exported abroad, of which 71% are aluminium products. Within the development of the manufacturing technology, aluminium alloy parts have become widely used in the industrial fields. Our company is growing with our customers, therefore the more we produce and the more requirements we have to meet, the processing quality of aluminium is becoming higher everyday. Moreover, since the quality is high, it has attracted a lot of attention from our new customers. We have been engaged in aluminium alloy processing for a long period of time, we have explored in actual production and summarized effective methods to improve the product quality.

Please see below our high-quality aluminium milling parts manufactured by Weimi according to customer requirements. The appearance is very beautiful which has been recognized by many customers.

The main principles of Weimi’s milling machine:

1. Its process specification design should not only meet the processing quality of the machine parts, but also meet the technical requirements specified on the designed drawings

2. High productivity in order to complete the order as soon as possible

3. Reducing manufacturing cost at the best price

4. Paying attention to reduce labor intensity and ensure production

What are the advantages of CNC machining aluminium parts?

1. It can greatly reduce the number of tooling, because CNC is mainly processed by programming and has the four and five axes comparing to other ordinary machining equipment. If you wish to change the shape and size of the part, weonly need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

2. The production efficiency is higher because of the fully automated production, which reduces the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment, process inspection and reduce the cutting time thanks to the use of the optimal cutting amount.

3. The quality of processed products is stable, the accuracy and the repeatabilityis high which is suitable for the processing requirements of precision batch parts.

4. CNC is a multi-axis linkage device, it can process complex profiles, curved steps that are difficult to process by conventional methods and even machining parts that cannot be observed.

How does Weimi control the quality of CNC machining aluminium parts?

1. The quality control starts with raw materials which characteristics of materials and functions in customers products differ from each other. In order to ensure the functions of parts, the procurement of raw materials must meet customer’s requirements. The most common used aluminium materials in Weimi are: aluminium 6061 and 6063.

2. After each process of producing parts the operator must undergo self-inspection, then the leader of the production team must also inspect it and submit the results to the inspection department.  After submitting the report the CNC can be processed by the operator only if the standard is reached. Every two hours during the quality inspection it is required to go to the workshop in order to check all dimensions in accordance of the drawings provided by customers.

3. There are also strict standards for control the surface treatment after CNC machining aluminium parts. In front of the surface the product inspection will inspect the surface finish, sharp edges, chamfer, etc. and all the dimensions with tolerances need to be checked. The surface of the products cannot have scratches and burrs. The surface of the product will be tested first and then the surface treatment of the batch will be performed after confirmation.

4. The last part of the process is packaging. According to the weight and characteristic of the product, it is packed in cartons or customized wooden boxes according to customer requirements.

Weimi has gained trust from new and already on board customers for its advanced processing equipment, perfect testing methods, excellent quality and the customer service.

If you have any aluminum products that need to me machined by CNC please do not hesitate to contact us! Our company sincerely welcomes new customers and looks forward to cooperating with you.