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Products made by turning are divided into many types .The most common ones are parts done by automatic turning and CNC turning. In Weimi for this process we mostly use materials such as  copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, POM, etc.

Parts made by turning (CNC) can be done up to 150 * 200mm. All processes with large parts can be done with complex shapes where the high precision is guaranteed. The processing of stainless steel products has great advantages and usually does not require additional surface treatment.

The American Iron and Steel institute uses three digits to identify various standard grades of malleabzling of stainless steel.  It’s  generally divided into 200, 300, and 400 series. Among them, austenitic stainless steel is marked with 200 and 300 series numbers. For example, some of the most common austenitic stainless steels are labeled 201, 304, 316, and 310. In our company we use SUS304, SUS316, SUS304 and SUS316 as they are non-magnetic, safe and do not generate heat in high-pressure environments. However SUS316 contains more Mo and  has better water and corrosion resistance, higher temperature resistance and higher price than SUS304 and SU316.  

Our company owns 22 lathe machines in total. All of them can process products up to 150 * 200mm.
In general we use lathes to process small-size parts (e.g stainless steel parts). Although surface processing cycle is short- the precision of the products is very high. Thanks to that we can quickly manufacture customer’s sample orders. 30 minutes- that’s all we need to complete the process of samples production.

In the selection of cutting tools for stainless steel, if we choose high-speed steel turning tools for processing, since it ‘s has a low hardness therefore the cutting speed cannot be too high and the work efficiency is low. Weimi choose those made from tungsten titanium cobalt cemented carbide (YW1, YW2). This type of turning tool has good bending strength, fatigue strength, impact toughness, high temperature hardness, oxidation resistance and wear resistance. It cuts lightly and the iron chips are hardly sticking to the knife. It is especially suitable for stainless steel turning with rough vibration and intermittent cutting.

Choosing the correct cutting speed is very important to avoid the phenomenon of sticking knife during the process. If we set-up the cutting speed to high- generated heat will be to high and the tool will soften. Stainless steel material is more viscous and chips can not be discharged in time. They stuck on the tool tip and form a built-up edge, which causes the workpiece surface to "burn blue" and anneal or thermally deform. That affects the product’s quality. If the chip speed is too low and if the feed amount is selected too fast, the guillotine phenomenon will occur. Weimi will choose the most suitable tool, cutting speed, and most suitable coolant according to the characteristics of different steel materials. We always do our best to meet the accurate requirements required by customers.

After the stainless steel workpiece is completed, our company can also polish, sand blast, electroplating and other surface treatments.
1. Polishing can make the gloss of stainless steel better and improve the corrosion resistance

2. Sand blasting can remove small flaws on the stainless steel surface to achieve a matte and smooth effect.

3. Electroplating can make the color of stainless steel brighter.

Although stainless steel has some difficulties in processing engineering.Weimi is a very well-experienced company in this industry for many years. Our company has a good understanding of materials performance and knows how to properly select tools and reasonable geometric angles, cutting speeds, cutting depth, and cutting distances. We have a deep understanding of pouring sufficient coolant, and we will complete every detail of our customized operation according to customers needs. If you decide to use our services, we ensure that each product will meet your requirements. Handing the project to Weimi will be a very good choice for your future!