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Polyoxymethylene (POM) has a good resistance to solvents, oils, weak acids weak bases and other properties.. At the same time it has a high hardness and rigidity, high resistance to creep and stress relaxation, excellent wear resistance and self-lubrication. Recently POM became a material that is in an important position and with the time used more often in machining.

Dongguan Weimi Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the field of machining for more than ten years and has produced many POM products. We have a rich experience in this industry, we can guarantee that we will meet your requirements. The products shown below are used in the electronic industry. The products are very thin, hence, we used milling machine technology to produce it. Despite the products are very thin, they have no deformation and the dimensions always meet the requirements of the drawings, customers are very satisfied about the products.

For POM materials it is extremely important to ensure that the products are not deformed. Material is good for cutting but the size is not easy to control. Deformation is the biggest issue that might happened during that process.

Please see below causes of deformation:

1. Clamping deformation. POM might get deformed,Unlike stainless steel,  Afterpick it fromprofile machining, the product will return to its original state.

2. Thermal deformation. Pom is a material that is very sensitive to heat. It might cause deformation if temperature is too high.

3. Elastic deformation, durability of the POM material is very good. Although the product might have elastic deformation after cutting. Certain amount of deformation will recover after the tool release the product.

How does Weimi process POM materials?

1. Choosing the right material.

2. Multiple cutting processes. We will use as many stepsoperations as possible to ensure the consistency of the workpiece size, in order to effectively controlthe deformation caused by clamping.

Moreover  CNC machining POM can increase the fixing points under pressure, multi-fixture fixation, glue water, double-sided tape, etc.,  Therefore the contact surface of the workpiece can be increased, and deformation can be effectively reduced

3. We use high speed steelfor all processing our POM products. It is steel commonly known as a high speed tool steel. We do not use alloy toolas it’s generating more heat and it’s not as sharp as a high speed steel.

4. Each Weimi’s operator is regularly trained by a professional team at each step of the production process the operator will use calipers for inspection. Quality control team will conduct regular inspections and ensure that all product dimensions meet customer’s drawing requirements to provide 100% satisfaction.

Weimi is also producing many different type of plastic products such as PC, Nolon, PEEK, ABS, PP, PET, PVC etc.

PP: Polypropylene plastic is a non-toxic and tasteless material. It can be immersed in boiling water at 100 °C without deformation and damages. Common organic solvents such as acid and alkali have almost no effect on it. Mostly used for utensils.

ABS: Plastic made of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Color is striking, it’s heat-resistant, strong, and can be plated with chrome, nickel and other metal films. It can be used to make keys, buttons, TV casings, umbrella handles, etc.

PC: The structural of PC material leads to its main advantages and properties such as fatigue resistance, weather resistance, high transparency, heat resistance and strength. That makes it play an important role in various industrial fields. Three main industries fields of PC are as the following: glass assembly industry, automobile, electronics and electrical industry.

PEEK (Polyether ether ketone): special engineering plastic with excellent performance. It has loads of significant advantages. It has a high temperature resistance of 260 degrees and excellent mechanical properties.

We hope that mentioned information was helpful for you.

Our company has produced a series of electronic cigarette machined parts. The products shown below is made and produced by Weimi from PEEK material.

Weimi also produce many other plastic products such as 3D printers, machinery, automotive and much more.

If you have any plastic products that you would like to produce, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Our company – Dongguan Weimi Hardware Technology Co., Ltd is located in Laobu Town, Dongguan City has its unique geographical advantages – we are strategically located between the two central cities of Guangzhou and Shenzen. We would be more than happy to see you visiting our factory at any time if you decide to visit China.