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Dongguan Weimi Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. Aim to precisely process customized metals. 78% of materials we use are aluminum and stainless steel.  If you have any stainless steel products, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

1. Stainless steel – description.

Stainless steel refers to steel that is resistant to corrosion by factors such as air, steam and water. It’s resistant also for chemical factors e.g :acid, alkali, and salt.

2. Types of stainless steel regarding usage

Austenitic steel


17Cr-7Ni-low carbon

The content of Cr an Ni is lower compared to steel 304. The tensile strength and hardness is higher during cold working and it is non-magnetic. It is magnetic after cold working.

Range of use:

Train, aircraft, conveyor, vehicle, bolt, nut, spring, screen.


17Cr-7Ni-0.1N-low carbon

It’s based on 301 steel has reduced C content and thanks to that improve the grain boundary corrosion resistance of the weld by adding N element to make up for the lack of strength caused by the reduced C content and ensure the strength of the steel.

Range of use:

Railway vehicle frames, exterior decoration materials.



Widely used. Good corrosion and heat resistance, low temperature strength. Mechanical characteristic: good hot workability such as stamping and bending. No heat treatment and hardening. Can be used at the temperature of 196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃.

Range of use:

Household products (Class 1 and 2 tableware, cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs), auto parts (windshield wipers, mufflers, molded products), medical appliances, building materials, chemicals, food industry, agriculture, ship parts.


18Cr-8Ni-low carbon

It’s corrosion resistant. Similar to 304. After welding or stress relief it’s resistance to grain boundary corrosion is excellent. It can easily maintain good performance without heat treatment. Temperature of use -196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃.

Range of use: chemical, coal, petroleum industry, outdoor open-air equipment with high requirements for grain boundary and corrosion resistance, heat-resistant parts for building materials and parts with difficult heat treatment.



Due to Mo addition it’s: corrosion and atmospheric corrosion resistance. It particularly has a good high temperature strength. Due to the addition of Mo, it is corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength is particularly good. Can be used under harsh conditions; excellent work hardening (non-magnetic).

Range of use: equipment for seawater use, chemicals, coloration, paper making, oxalic aciding, fertilizing and other production equipment; photo, food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.


18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo low carbon

316 steel containing low C. Its resistance to grain boundary corrosion is excellent.

Range of use: products with special requirements for corrosion resistance at the grain boundary.

Ferritic steel


11.3Cr-0.17Ti-low C, N

Steel with TI added. High temperature corrosion resistance, very good high temperature strength.

Range of use:

Products such as automobile exhaust pipes, heat exchangers, containers that are not heat treated after welding.


13Cr-low C C

On the basis of 410 steel. C content is reduced. Workability, resistance to welding deformation, and high temperature oxidation resistance are excellent.

Parts for mechanical structure, engine exhaust pipe, boiler combustion chamber, burner.



As a representative steel type of ferritic steel, its thermal expansion coefficient is excellent, and its formability and oxidation resistance are excellent.

Heat-resistant appliances, burners, home appliances, type 2 tableware, kitchen sinks, exterior decoration materials, bolts, nuts, CD rods, screens.

What Kind of Products Our Customers Use the Most?

A. Stainless steel 316L for water pipe connection.  In order to meet our customers high requirements, all parts are directly processed by bar stock, turning + milling level and hexagonal shape. Though customers have no specific requirements for the external surface,  the product was produced by our company is within Ra1.6.

After manufacturing your order, products ale being cleaned ultrasonically and blow-dried. Moreover package are designed accordingly to the shape of the product in order to make sure that the product is 100% protected during transportation.

B. Stainless steel 304 for food machines

Many of our stainless steel products are used for products which have connection with food, therefore most of the used materials are 304 and 316. We promised you that goods produced in our company strictly follow customer requirements.

As soon as the goods are ready, we send the materials to a third-party inspection agency for testing to ensure the authenticity of the materials used. The full report will be send to you right after.

C. Stainless steel 430 and 630 are also one of the materials we commonly use for boat and fishing accessories.

Stainless steel has anti-rust effect, but in some environments, such as humid places or having contact with seawater oxidation will still occur.

Our company has cooperated for 8 years with trusted customer who is producing fishing accessories and he found out that 304 stainless steel would rust in seawater, therefore we always suggest using 316 or 630.

Please see the picture below, where you can see the results of the report that has been conducted on produced materials by our company.