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Weimi is a professional processing factory for 15 years in the precision processing industry. No matter the processing quality, or surface treatment technology and quality are both very mature. Over the years, the reputation of quality and integrity has occupied the trust of customers. Up to now, more than 95% of our orders are export orders.

As for electroplating, due to the use of parts, there are often steel processing parts that need to be electroplated. Therefore, Weimi also needs to control the plating quality very well, ensure 100% customer satisfaction and meet the requirements of customers.

We Often Apply the Following Electroplating Methods:

1. Zinc Plating

Zinc plating refers to a surface treatment technique that coats a layer of zinc on the surface of a metal, alloy or other material for aesthetics, rust prevention, and the like. The fields involved in galvanizing are more and more extensive, and the application of fastener products has been of great significance in the national economy throughout machinery manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, and aerospace.

After the parts are completed, it is necessary to soak the oil in time to avoid the raw materials from anodizing, rusting, etc. during the contact with air, which is not conducive to the subsequent galvanizing process.

Before sending it for galvanizing, filter it dry. Some parts need to be buried before galvanizing to avoid blocking the hole position.

After the galvanizing is completed, the QC inspects the size and appearance, and the parts that pass the inspection enter the packaging department for packaging and shipping.

2. Nickel Plating

The method of plating a layer of nickel on metal or some nonmetal by electrolysis or chemical method is called nickel plating. Nickel has electroplating and electroless nickel plating:

(1) Electroplated Nickel

Electroless nickel plating is an electrolyte composed of nickel salt (called main salt), conductive salt, pH buffer and lubricant. The anode uses metal nickel, and the cathode is a plating piece. With direct current, a uniform and dense nickel coating is deposited on the cathode (plating piece). Bright nickel is obtained from the bath with brightener, while dark nickel is obtained from the electrolyte without brightener.

(2) Electroless Nickel

Chemical plating is also known as electroless plating, also called Auto-catalytic plating. One of the fastest growing electroless plating, the coatings show superiority in uniformity, corrosion resistance, hardness, weldability, magnetic properties, and decorative properties.

3. Chrome Plating

Chromium is a kind of micro blue silver white metal, which is easy to be passivated in the air, forming a very thin passivating film on its surface, thus showing the properties of precious metals.

Chrome plating has a high hardness.

Chrome plating has good heat resistance.

The chrome layer has a low coefficient of friction, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is the lowest of all metals. Therefore, the chrome plating layer has good wear resistance.

Chrome plating also has good chemical stability.

4. Titanium Plating

Titanium plating is in high temperature, vacuum titanium furnace, titanium, zirconium metal. The metal or alloy vapor is ionized by glow discharge of inert gas, and the ions are deposited on the negatively charged stainless steel plate by electric field acceleration, thus forming a colourful metal film.

5. Vacuum Coating

Vacuum coating is an important aspect of vacuum application. On the surface of some materials, as long as a thin film is plated, many new and good physical and chemical properties can be obtained.

General metal instruments, cutting tools, precision instruments and other industrial products often need vacuum coating after machining. If the customer doesn't specifically mention it, we will confirm with the customer whether the salt spray test is necessary according to the customer's application field and the structure of the CNC parts.

Weimi always strictly controls the coating, for the surface of the smoothness, brightness are strictly controlled, and strive to make customers satisfied. For example:

* We will enclose a copy of the corresponding plating requirements.

  1. Electroless nickel plating.
  2. There should be no color difference, speckles or white spots.
  3. The required film thickness is 0.003mm.
  4. Need to ensure good quality.

* For the salt spray test, we will strictly follow the requirements and save the report.

Salt Spray Test Report
Report Number:20170000082
Customer Weimi Product Name Handle Testing Date 2017/3/28
Part Name / Product order / Testing Quantity 8 Sets
Department Quality Department Applicant Name Fugui Jiang Production Quantity /
Test Item Equipment& Model Test Method Accept Standard Sample NO. Result Picture Acceptance
Salt Spray Test  Salt Spray Device WY-
 Operate As Per The Description in DOC AT- QA-WI-005,
Testing Time 48Hhours.
No Corrosion After 48H S17000601 No Corrosion As Shown in Fig.1 OK
S17000602 No Corrosion OK
S17000603 No Corrosion OK
S17000604 No Corrosion OK
S17000605 No Corrosion OK
S17000606 No Corrosion OK
S17000607 No Corrosion OK
S17000608 No Corrosion OK
Picture Before Test After Test
Executed By Checked By Finish Date 2017/3/30

* The expatriates will give real-time feedback on the plating situation in the form of pictures. If there are any problems during this period, they are required to give feedback as soon as possible, so as to deal with and prevent any quality problems quickly.

Electroplating process requires high surface cleanliness of CNC parts, and ultrasonic cleaning is an ideal technology to meet this requirement. By using ultrasonic cleaning technology, it can replace solvent and wash oil stain, electrolysis to remove oil, strong acid etching to remove rust and oxide scale on the surface of carbon steel and low alloy steel.

In order to ensure better surface cleanliness of CNC parts after electroplating, Weimi will strictly monitor the processing of ultrasonic cleaning, and meet the qualified quality requirements before shipment.

In Weimi, any order you place will be treated strictly! If you need to find a high-quality and careful factory for the project, Weimi will be a very suitable supplier for your requirements.

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