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In the CNC machining industry, Weimi mainly manufactures precision milling and milling parts for metal materials according to the design drawings provided by customers, and the parts are used in various industrial OEM projects. Some CNC parts need to be painted on their surface after processing due to the needs of the place of use.

After the surface is treated, an oxide film is formed to protect the aluminium profile from oxidative corrosion, which can be used for a wide range of environmental conditions. For example, in the LED industry, if the lamps are often exposed to sunlight, wind and rain, it is very easy to fade. In order to meet the external conditions or extend the surface effect of the products after the milling, some CNC parts will choose powder spraying.

This is because by electrostatic spraying (powder spraying), one can get a thicker coating, such as 100 to 300 um coating, with ordinary solvent coating, about 4 to 6 times, and with powder coating can be done once to reach this thickness. The corrosion resistance of the coating is very good, mainly used in metal surface coating.

The Main Features of Electrostatic Spraying Are:

manual, automatic or manual + automatic. The sprayed material is 100% solid powder, the free powder can be recycled, and the paint recycling rate can reach 98%. So it is also a very environmentally friendly way! Because of this, the electrostatic powder coating method is a powder coating method that is dominant in the industrial coating field.

In order to achieve a better surface finish, the CNC parts needs to be pre-sprayed. After pre-treatment, not only the surface has no oil, rust or dust, but also a uniform and rough grey phosphating film (chromium film) which is not easy to rust on the silvery white surface, which can prevent rust and increase the adhesion of the spray coating.

Due to environmental factors, coating equipment, operator factors and pre-treatment effects, the disparity rate is 80-90%, while the powder coating itself accounts for only 10-20%. In order to minimize losses, Weimi in the city of Dongguan has summarized the following problems based on more than ten years of practical experience in the precision machining industry:
  1. The surface of the coating is discoloured, and the coating is cured and has a significant difference from the normal colour of the swatch.
  2. Phosphating treatment is poor, and there are impurities such as ash on the substrate.
  3. The oil removal is not complete, the work hardened layer is not treated cleanly, and the phosphating film is discontinuous.
  4. Curing temperature is too low, not fully cured.
  5. The powder rate on the CNC parts is poor with insufficient adsorption force and too much recycled powder.
  6. The coating is thin or sag at the edge of the sprayed CNC parts.
  7. The operator is unskilled, and the vertical flow in the spraying operation causes the powder layer to be too thick.
The following is the display after the steel processing parts and aluminium plates are processed by Dongguan Weimi’s first level spraying’s cooperation supplier:
Stoving varnish, similar to powder coating. Metal stoving varnish is an industrial lacquer, which is divided into water-based metal stoving varnish and oily metal stoving varnish.

Paint spraying can also cover the film layer to protect the appearance and life of the product. Paint spraying is a way to spray paint on the surface of the product and dry it naturally.

There are other ways, such as electroplating or electrophoresis. As for which surface treatment to choose, the most important thing is to look at the use and actual needs of the metal CNC parts! For example, if the requirement for corrosion resistance is high, you can consider paint spraying; if there are  requirements for a bright surface and with a metal texture, you can consider electroplating; if the overall requirements for decorative and corrosion resistance are high, you can choose electrophoresis.
It is a crucial first step to choose a quality and experienced supplier whether it is based on the structural requirements of the product itself or the choice of the appropriate surface treatment according to the place. Here, I would like to introduce you to our company - Dongguan Weimi Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

Weimi is a factory specialized in the precision machining of CNC machine tools of turning and milling CNC parts, and provides one-stop service for customers. From raw material procurement to surface treatment, we will help customers with customer requirements. Therefore, we inevitably need to establish a complete upstream system with raw material suppliers and downstream system with surface treatment suppliers.

Customers who have cooperated with Weimi for many years understand that Weimi has always been very strict and demanding on the control of product quality. In the attitude of being responsible to customers, Weimi's engineering and production team has extensive experience in both engineering drawing and production process arrangement.

Dongguan Weimi Will Carry Out the Following Test Contents for Spray Products:

1. Product cleaning: the internal and external visible surface parts of the product shall be clean, free from any dirt, oil stain and other dirt that may affect the appearance, and shall not have any left white trace after the finger is scratched.

2. Product appearance: check whether the product has wrinkle, shrinkage, blistering, whitening, skin cleaning, sagging, particles and other adverse phenomena, which greatly affects the appearance of the product.

3. Characteristic inspection: check the color difference (color difference meter), film thickness (film thickness meter) and glossiness of spraying according to the standard color plate. These data will strictly require the spraying Factory cooperated by Weimi to provide the test results.

Weimi's principle is to provide customers with high-quality machined milling and milling parts, and to provide professional services to customers from beginning to end.

Welcome to contact us to find a manufacturing factory that you can rely on for your precision machined parts!