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Yes, absolutely! We are a fully-equipped, professional metal fabrication factory and our expert team have access to a range of software, allowing us to create custom products from clients’ drawings.
We have the pleasure of working with industries all over the world, giving us specialist insight and expertise across a number of sectors. This enables us to not only manufacture CNC machined parts, but also provide guidance and advice to our customers and help them improve their products with optimised designs and materials. Our range of services include: CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning and lathe, sheet metal fabrication, precision stamping services, and multiple surface finishing services.
Generally, it takes 3-6 days to produce samples, though we can make them as quickly as 1 day if the order is urgent. Mass production of parts and components will normally take 10-15 days depending on the quantity and complexity of the products, as well as the materials required and overall product size. We kindly ask all customers to provide us with any urgent deadlines when contacting our team as this will allow us to provide a more accurate timescale for your order.
We will provide a detailed production schedule before we begin, including all lead times and expected delivery to your area. During the production process, we will also send weekly reports and updates (including digital images and videos) that show the machining process, allowing you to see the finished products before their delivery date.

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